The Certainty of September + a Chore Chart

by cecimadden

Oh, hello September!  I am so ready for you.  At least I feel ready.  Ready for school to start, for closed-toe shoes, for apple crumble, for certainty.  September most certainly brings a sense of routine with it, doesn’t it?  A predictability, and also a very welcomed hint of what we can expect through the next season…that’s what September means for me.

Any big plans this month?  I intend to take Rachel to some playgrounds in this city that we haven’t yet explored, play “out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new” with some furniture at home, treat myself to something I haven’t enjoyed in quite awhile (I don’t know what yet), and jump on the Phillies and college football bandwagon.

Speaking of plans and preparations, a lot of you come to this blog by way of my super intense chore chart.  Well, here’s a chart for September.  Ask and you shall receive.  I will post an updated chart each month if you’re interested – you can find them at the super intense chore chart page.

Happy September, everyone.  Promise to savor it. I think it’s gonna be a good month.