Focused Fun

by cecimadden

Rachel is very into building things and very into cars.  This lego car is the perfect thing for her.  I am amazed when I watch her play.  She stacks her blocks, then rolls them around the floor or table, then inevitably the car breaks and she lets out a quick agh!  Then she starts all over again, taking moments of pause to reassess.  She’ll change her playing surface, stack the blocks in a different order, take a break to dance or play in the curtains. She is so focused on accomplishing the task at hand while still in the midst of carefree play. Focused Fun, I call it. My new approach for the week.

In other news: seems like everyone made it through Hurricane Irene without too much damage. Thank God. We had so many family members check in on us, which was very heart warming. Thanks again for thinking of us. In true Madden style we took the evacuation opportunity to visit some very special friends in Ohio who were the best hosts ever! What an adventure.

Have a fantastic week, everyone!