The Calm Before the Storm

by cecimadden

Generally, I try not to talk about the weather too much.  It’s just such elevator-chatter, right up there with how busy you are, you know.  How about that rain last week?  Oh, we didn’t get too much in Jersey.  Really?  In the suburbs we got 3 inches!  Or, Good morning, how are you?  Oh, good, you know, I’ve just been so busy

But seriously, what is going on with the weather?  East coast earthquake?  Hurricane this weekend?  I might have to evacuate.  Permanently.

And did I tell you about last Friday’s crazy, sneak-attack thunderstorm/flash-flood?  We were on our way to the supermarket and all of a sudden rain was pouring down and we found ourselves on a low-lying residential street ready to float.  Total Loss.  A very nice kid came out of his house and helped Jim push our car out of the street, and his very nice mom let me and Rachel hang out inside, reading books and staying dry.  Good Samaritans and Triple A to the rescue!  I promptly sent a thank you note that said, “I Could Kiss You!”  Such an under-used expression of thanks, I think.

Stay safe this weekend, east coasters.  Hurricanes are not fun.  If it’s recommended that you evacuate- do so!