Yes, I Liked “The Help”

by cecimadden

I think it’s worth saying again, I loved the movie The Help.  Talk about a movie that’s stirring up some dialogue.  Since seeing it, I’ve been reading tons of well-written reviews from various critical perspectives, each tackling different aspects of the movie, the author and the film’s purported themes.   I appreciate a lot of the commentary and it’s made me really think about whether I still like/why I still like the movie myself.

So yes, it is worth saying again: I liked the movie The Help  and, yes, it made me feel good. In these tough economic times when so many are under-employed if not unemployed or homeless, and we are supposed to feel good because at least we have a job, or at least we have health insurance, or at least we have a black president, which is all an act of self-disrespect or at minimum self-delusion, I didn’t like this movie because it made me think well at least we’re not in that era anymore. I liked it because it reminded me that having a strong sense of self-worth is important.