Goodbye July

by cecimadden

We started July with an adventure and we ended July with an adventure.  I can’t say much for the middle of the month- such an odd month it was.  So hot, so fleeting, it was really kind of a fog.  I almost broke up with summer because of July.  But I won’t.  I think August will be equally adventurous, a little less hot, much less stressful and will catch me less by surprise.

Yesterday was a lot like July- good at the beginning and the end.  I started the day by making crepes and ended it at the beach.  Sounds glorious, right?  It kind of was.  So I won’t tell you too much about how I got so stressed out preparing our food and supplies for the beach that I actually had to go for a run afterward to decompress.  And I won’t tell you too much about how we had to make 3 pit stops on the way to the beach which almost doubled our time to get there.  I will simply emphasize that being at the beach is the best way to relax, is the best toddler day trip activity, is the best way to end a month.

We had such an amazing time.  The beach was packed and we couldn’t help but notice how many little toddlers were running around.  There were lots of families playing catch and bocce, and a really spirited group playing bean bag toss.  The sights and sounds were just filled with fun.  When it was time to go, Rachel got really upset, and how can you blame her?  Who wants to leave the beach?  I tell you, she could live there.

Today I am going to do a lot of writing, reading and relaxing.  I’m looking forward to August and plan to savor every last moment of this sweet, sweet summer.