Snack Time

by cecimadden

During this crazy heatwave, one thing that has helped Rachel and I keep our sanity is snack time with George at one of our favorite cafes.  Every day when I pick her up from daycare, we walk over to grab her favorite yogurt, some fresh fruit and some oatmeal raisin cookies (mostly for George).  It is a relaxing and cool little oasis within our hectic, hot days.

This is a small market/cafe that gets fresh local produce throughout the week, so the fruit selection varies from day to day.  Yesterday there were no nectarines so I grabbed a mango instead and Rachel was pretty mad at this nectarine-poser with similar colored skin and flesh.  It took her awhile to accept that it was a new thing, but once I finally convinced her to try it she was not disappointed.  Who can resist a good mango?

From snack time we go to pick up Jim at the train station and one day this week we got there a little bit early so we went for a very short walk.  There are lots of high end shops around that we don’t dare go inside, but this did strike our eye:

Rachel, Curious George, this pink giraffe-thing, and I wish you a cool and restful weekend.