To Make and Do

by cecimadden

Image from Platypus Prints on Etsy

A few things I’ve been meaning to share with you, some which I have done, others which I have every intention of doing:

  • These muffins, as a cake.  So good I will have to share my take on it with you later this month.
  • This lasagna. I’ve made this a few times as a simple yet impressive dinner party entree.  It never disappoints.  (No noodles…what?!)  Seeing a theme here?…
  • Zucchini sauteed with sriracha.  Threw these two together one day, then the next day, and the next.  Try it…you’ll like it!
  • This challenge.  So inspiring.  Really makes you rethink your relationship with money.  And while we’re listing things that border the impossible…
  • This sewing project.  It’s time.  I’ve said it before, but now I mean it.  Plus, a special friend has a bun in the oven who is just begging for these jammies, I know it.
  • 30 miles in 30 days.  I know this is not terribly ambitious, but now that both of my sisters have taken up running Operation Keep Moving Forward needs a little nudge.  Speaking of things that are good for me, but might not feel worth doing…
  • 15 minutes a day of things I dread.  How else am I going to accomplish things like making dentist appointments and clipping Rachel’s nails.  Schedule it in.
  • This method for brewing iced coffee.  I tried it today and immediately regretted not trying it sooner.  Caffeine plus cost containment.  Check plus.  Now I may have enough energy to do/continue doing the things on this list.  And take care of a sick little girl.  No, it’s not all roses around here 😉
To an ambitious and productive remainder of the week!