Cousin Love

by cecimadden

One of the best things about our recent adventure to Texas is that Rachel got to fall in love with her teeny cousin Anabelle.  I think Anabelle fell in love with Rachel too.  The two of them really had no choice.

One of the adventures they got to share was going to see the farm animals at my brother-in-law’s parents’ house…

Rachel was really excited to see the animals initially, then she realized it was h-o-t, HOT outside so my little city slicker wandered into as much shade as she could find.  Donning her shiniest necklace and open toed sandals, she glanced briefly at the donkeys, cows and chickens, then fixed her gaze back toward the house.  Meanwhile, Anabelle insisted on sitting directly on the fence to be as close to the animals as possible.  So cute yet so different, these two sweet girls.

All week long, Anabelle wanted to do what her big cousin was doing.  If Rachel was eating, she wanted to eat, even if she just ate.  If Rachel was playing with blocks, she wanted to play with blocks, even if she had just stopped playing with them.  It was pretty endearing.

After any separation, say if the two had been in different cars to arrive at the same destination, or if they had napped at different times, their reunion urged Rachel to race over to Anabelle and hug her as soon as possible.  So impulsive, my girl.  I can only imagine what it might feel like to have someone a head taller than you run towards you just as you’re waking up, but Anabelle was a trooper and would bear her weight down to get good balance and accept the hug.  I think Rachel only knocked her over once.

One fun evening we decided to let them play in the kiddie pool as the temperature was cooling off for the day and the two of them had a blast together.  When Rachel realized how much fun she was having she let out a spontaneous and happy shriek which of course prompted Anabelle to do the same, and the two girls had a bit of a shriek-with-delight contest.  They both won.  Everybody wins in a shriek-with-delight contest.

We miss you Anabelle!  Hope you’re having a fun weekend at the beach!