The Adventure Continues

by cecimadden

Before our recent trip to Texas, I told Rachel we were going on an adventure.  Doesn’t that sound so much more fun than vacation?  This quickly became the theme for the week.  The adventure continues, I would tell her as we headed out to the beach, then Moody Gardens, then the farm, then the mall, then the pool, and finally to the Rio Grande Valley for her first quinceanera and so many house visits to tias and tios she didn’t even know she had.  Here is a little glimpse:

It took Rachel a day or two to warm up to her relatives since she doesn’t see them that often, but somewhere between charging the ocean waves and hanging on for dear life from the ledge of the Moody Gardens’ Rainforest pond, she developed a sense of trust and comfort around them.  By day three, as she was sitting and playing with her blocks, she suddenly had an epiphany, stopped what she was doing, and walked around giving everyone hugs as if to say, you guys are awesome, this adventure is awesome!

When we went to the valley, my sisters and parents were Rachel’s safe people and the adventure kept continuing.  She loved running down each and every hallway in each and every house we visited and by the time we made it to the quinceanera she was ready to party with all the people she had met in one gigantic room.  We danced.  Then we danced some more.  Rachel even tried to learn the electric slide, weaving herself between 15 year old girls and my aunts, charming everyone.  When we couldn’t dance any longer, the Mariachis arrived.

They serenaded my cutie-pie niece Anabelle and it was definitely the right thing to do.  Look at how mesmerized she is.  What a sweetie.

The only person who fell more in love with Anabelle than the mariachis was Rachel, but that is another post for another day (soon, I promise.)

For me, the whole trip was rejuvenating- both action-packed and contemplative.  There is so much inspiration to draw from sitting by the ocean, so much opportunity to reflect as a passenger on a long car ride, and so much good guidance to absorb from long, honest chats with my family.  I am overwhelmed by the love and support of my sisters and parents.  They push me and help me refocus in a time when I don’t always feel sure.  They help me to see the forest through the trees.

I’ve come home to my loving husband, a clean house, home-grown vegetables, and a logistically chaotic calendar for the month of July.  This week has already proved to be a hectic one, but as I sit here now, with fist full of green beans and an ice cold Yuengling, everyone else fast asleep unexpectedly, the weight of frustration is lifted and I feel comfort.  The adventure continues indeed.