Beach Day

by cecimadden

The weather has been glorious all weekend, so we decided to take a much needed trip to the beach…

Rachel had a blast!  She charged the waves in fearless fashion and Jim joked later that I was more afraid of the water than she was.  Too.  True.  I squeal and shirk at almost every wave, including the really small ones because they look scary from afar.  I knew better than to take the camera with me because it would surely end up underwater, but I do regret not getting photos of Rachel’s fearless fun.  Just imagine the most daring and happy toddler in the world.

After we were able to pull Rachel away from the ocean, we soaked up the sun and played in the sand.  Rachel tried to bury as many things as her teeny handfuls of sand would allow.

Such a fun day.  Hope your weekend was delightful too.