Rachel in June

by cecimadden

Oh baby, what a tough month you have had.  So many big changes for such a little girl.  Just as we expected, you have been a trooper through it all.  I have learned so, so much about you this month.

Now that you’re running around and living mostly out of our arms, you prove your affection by galloping over for regular great big hugs.  I adore our little popsicle-eating sessions, which have become an afternoon routine.  We sit, facing each other, and you, always the popsicle-stick-holder, let me sneak a bite in if I’m lucky.  You share reluctantly, like you’re sharing a secret, and I can’t help but smile at your ways.  I imagine us sharing popsicles and other treats through the years ahead, intimately sharing the details of our day, our interests, passions, loves, and challenges.  And I will always thank you for sharing these moments with me.