Rachel’s Pop Rocks

by cecimadden

How did you celebrate Father’s Day today?  The most special thing that we did was visit the Please Touch Museum to go for a carousel ride and play.  We all had the best time.  I love how Rachel and Jim shared a look of amazement when we first got onto the carousel.  They share so many looks- it is so cute!

One of Jim’s favorite presents was this hilariously awesome book we got him called Creepiosity.  You should definitely check it out for a good laugh.  It is also a great gift for a guy if you ever need one.

No one deserved a more wonderful day today than Jim.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife.  No one has dedicated more of himself to our daughter, and no one has taught me more about parenting than him.  I know he will continue to teach me so much, and I am infinitely grateful.  (You totally rock, babe!)

We have had such a fun and relaxing Father’s Day and hope you have too.