4 for 6

by cecimadden

I almost accomplished everything I set out to do today.  Except…instead of weeding the garden and tackling craft projects we went for a walk to the park and then came home.  It was too nice of a day outside to not take advantage of the park.

Then, after a suitable dinner which included at least two vegetables (tomato sauce is a vegetable, right?), we sat on the couch listening to Madonna and polished off the last two popsicles that were in our freezer.  Rachel is a natural at eating popsicles, approaching the task strategically, all the way to the last bite:

Then with our sugar-free popsicle high, we had a super fun dance party in which Rachel had her first laugh-so-hard-I-spit-my-water-out moment.  I wish you could have seen it.

Hope you’re having a fun evening too 🙂