Today is a New Day

by cecimadden


  • I started my day by getting my pants peed on.
  • I took my first benadryl in over 2 years.  (Oh how I’ve missed you)
  • Somehow, through that benadryl fog, I reorganized my boss’s office.
  • I picked up a crying Rachel from daycare and decided if things aren’t getting better, then I’ve gotta make some small changes.  (Trust your instincts, C.)
  • We started working on Jim’s Father’s Day card, and I wondered if this project might be a case of good intentions gone bad.
  • We ate cheese quesadillas and chicken noodle soup for dinner, both a lazy and delicious meal.


  • I will make it to daycare/work on time.
  • I will not take another benadryl.
  • I will visit Rachel for lunch and hope that it improves her day.
  • We will go weed the garden and inevitably take cute pictures.
  • We may even finish this clever idea of a Father’s Day card and get started on other Father’s Day treats.
  • I will definitely cook something suitable for dinner.

What’s on your agenda today?