There’s a Growler in my Garden

by cecimadden

We stopped by the garden this morning, before going to daycare, and going to work.  It is 105 degrees today and I wanted to be sure not to kill our vegetable plants.  Luckily they appear to be doing well, but in the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that of the smaller green things pictured above, I’m not sure which are weeds and which aren’t.  Any input here would be greatly appreciated…

Making a garden stop first thing in the morning is decidedly the best way to start the day.  Who wants to go to daycare or work anyway?  Rachel has been creating new stall tactics each morning and today she wanted to drive her truck down the steps.  Is it wrong to admit I almost called her bluff?

…Instead I told her we could go to the garden to give our plants a much-needed watering, saying she could ride her truck there.  This, she could accommodate.

Due to the heat and lack of rain, the rain barrels at the garden are empty so I had to think of a way to get enough water over to the garden without having to buy jugs of water, or jugs to put water in.  Then, as I searched our cabinets for large, sturdy, sealable containers, they appeared:

Growlers!  This is pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve come up with, ever.  Growlers as watering cans- can you think of anything better?
Hope your week has been filled with creativity too!