by cecimadden

Did I mention that I love dessert?  Frozen desserts especially- they incite so much nostalgia!  Now that summer’s here, all I can think about is sitting on the couch with my mom, a carton of Blue Bell’s Tin Roof, and an episode of General Hospital…or standing in the snow cone line discussing flavor choices with my teammates after a long day at the softball field…

Several months ago I vowed to be more intentional about my dessert eating and only eat treats that I make from scratch.  If I really want a sweet treat I have to consider what I’m in the mood for and not just grab whatever happens to be on the convenience store shelf or coffee shop display case.  I have to consider what ingredients I have on hand and which ones should be added to the shopping list and I have to think about how much time I will have to create said treat.  It’s been great to be more thoughtful about what I eat and what I buy and not just rely on impulse.

Now it’s summer and turning on the oven is just not desirable, so what’s a girl without an ice cream maker to do??  I thought about making this semifreddo, but the process seemed too intensive.  After scouring the internet for a perfect, simple, frozen treat recipe I finally stumbled upon a pretty and new-to-me blog, which featured this.  Looking equal parts simple and yummy, I had to give it a try…

Mango Lassi and Strawberry-Honey Yogurt Popsicles
Adapted from Stephanie Shih of Dessert for Breakfast
Makes ~8-12 popsicles, depending on the size of your molds
Prep time: 2 Yo Gabba Gabba episodes.  Oh, you don’t tell time that way?  It’ll take you 50 minutes or less.

Mango Lassi Version

2 cups ripe mango, chopped (~3 mangos, I used 2 medium-sized mangos plus half a cup of frozen mango chunks, thawed)
1 cup regular full fat yogurt or Greek yogurt
½ cup sour cream (or use all yogurt if you have it)
½ cup milk
2 Tb sugar (optional- I skipped this)
Big pinch of ground cardamom
Small pinch of salt

  1. Combine the ingredients in a food processor or blender (I used an immersion blender) and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the blended mango mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze until solid, preferably overnight.
  3. To unmold, run hot water around the outside of the molds for a brief time until you can easily pull the popsicles out.

Strawberry-Honey Variation

Substitute 2 cups of ripe, chopped strawberries for the 2 cups of mango. I used 1 cup fresh and 1 cup frozen because that’s what I had available.  Skip the cardamom and salt and add 2 tablespoons of mild-flavored honey instead.

This looks deceptively simple but cutting the fruit does take time.  I also ground the cardamom seeds myself which didn’t take long but I hadn’t thought about it when I saw that very short 3-step list. Also, if you do not have popsicle molds (yet), like me, use whatever molds you have on hand.  I used small paper cups and lined them up in a cake pan to freeze.  I was going to use baby spoons as popsicle sticks but didn’t have a chance to put them in before bedtime.  This morning for breakfast I grabbed a napkin and popped a mango one out of its mold and I’m happy to report that sans stick it was still very lick-able and definitely a great way to start the day :).