by cecimadden

This is a big week for the Maddens.  Jim starts his summer internship today, Rachel begins daycare tomorrow (agh!) and I am celebrating my 7 year anniversary with the city of Philadelphia.  Yikes!  Lots of transitions and lots of reflecting going on…

I definitely needed to clear my head and, as Jim always encourages me to do, just relax.  Luckily, I scheduled a vacation day with Rachel today and we went to one of our favorite places, the Tyler Arboretum.  It is such a gorgeous day and despite the heat Rachel and I explored and marveled at the surroundings for almost two hours.  It was so peaceful and so inspiring.

They had all of these interesting bridges and treehouses throughout the arboretum as part of their spring exhibit.  Rachel was fascinated by all of it – so many ramps and steps to climb.  We visited nearly all the “Totally Terrific Treehouses.”  Some of them had amazing views, others had surprises inside, and a few looked more terrifying than terrific, at least with an 18-month old in tow.  These shots are of two of our favorites:

We made sure to have plenty of water and lemonade along the way.  It was ridiculously hot. And I carried Rachel a little more than I expected I would.

The entire place is so calming.  All the plants are native so there’s a wild look to everything – it’s not very landscape-y, which I admire.  They also have a little pond there, which of course no one can swim in.  Rachel is obsessed with water and when she approached the fence around the pond she looked so disappointed and she just stood for a while.  I just had to get a shot over her shoulder.  Then, she would wander away from the fence and re-approach it, hoping the rules may have changed.

Such a splendid day.  It was just what I needed and I know Rachel enjoyed it too.  As the rest of the week unfolds, I will think back to the ease of this day and relax.

Happy June!