Bits and Pieces of our Weekend

by cecimadden

This weekend was filled with so many highlights: A long walk to the custard stand, Nana arriving to town, an early anniversary brunch, a short, romantic walk with the hub, and a first attempt at gardening.  Here are some bits and pieces:

I was seriously anxious about starting this garden.  It was a huge relief having Jim and Nana there to help motivate and reassure me.  Stay tuned on the gardening front.  And send me any resources you might have, please!  This is a bigger plot than I thought we would get and so far I’ve only planted some zucchini and oregano.

And to my wonderful husband on our second anniversary: no one makes me smile more than you, no one encourages me more than you, and no one gets me more than you.   You always tell me I look good and never tell me to stop asking 😉  You say things to me like, “I wish I could get you 500 sundaes.”  You melt my heart.

Hope you all had lovely weekends too!