Rachel in May

by cecimadden

I cannot believe you are just 18 months old.  In my eyes you are so big, so strong, so smart, so fun.  I am stunned that you can be these things so fully at the young age of 18 months and I think this means you will continue to surprise me all the days of your life.  You are the only 18 month old I know who can do a revolving triangle pose and who attempts to do headstands on a regular basis.  When something catches you off guard you laugh so sweetly and with what sounds like a slight lisp.  “sthee hee hee.”  The most charming sounds and the most spirited expressions emanate from you.  You are pure joy.

I love that you love to snuggle in the mornings.  And that after a nice long snuggle, you beg for a nice long walk like momma begs for her coffee. You have a hawk’s eye for even the smallest of creatures.  The tiny birds flying from tree to tree, the squirrel sitting quietly on a porch five houses down the block, and the occasional bumblebee – none of them escape your attention.  You see sun beams shining between the leaves of a tall tree and then lay on the sidewalk and look up into the kaleidoscope of rays, soaking in their beauty.  Sidewalk sharers do not mind.  They see your sheer appreciation and I think it makes them appreciate it too.

You bring out the best in all of us, Rachel.  I love you, baby pie.