On Our Bookshelf

by cecimadden

One of my fondest experiences as a child is of reading with my parents and my big sister.  I relished going to the library and I clearly remember wearing out my library card.  Now what 8 year old wouldn’t be proud of that.

Rachel loves so many of her books and I am falling in love with so many of them too, some of them for the second time.

Oh Amelia Bedelia…my sisters and I adored you so!  Mistakenly I thought Rachel was too young for it, but we got her an Amelia Bedelia compilation book anyway and she has loved those stories literally to pieces.  It is her favorite comfort item in fact – no plush bears or blankies for our babe – and sometimes the sheer anticipation of seeing AB is the only thing that will get her into the car.  Even now, with the pages worn so, the sweet sound of us reciting from memory “Come Back, Amelia Bedelia!” is like music to Rachel’s ears.

Curious George was one of my husband’s childhood favorites and Rachel has developed a soft spot for him too.  Indulgently, I bought Rachel this second version of “Curious George Makes Pancakes” after her first copy became too worn.  We do special voices for all the characters in this one, including the mayor who gives a welcome speech at the pancake breakfast, and who my husband and I have decided is actually Mayor Michael Nutter.  I just die when Rachel pinches her tiny nose awaiting our silly, nasally impersonation: “Please enjoy yourselves…and the pancakes!”  I cannot wait until she can say this herself.

Among these classics we have some more modern books.  The Sandra Boynton books are so great, as are the colorful and lively Karen Katz books.  One of our, well my, favorites right now is Leslie Patricelli’s “No No Yes Yes,” which is filled with cute illustrations of a smiling little boy pouring peas over his head and dumping water onto the bathroom floor (these are “no no’s”), along with adjacent images of the same little boy (still smiling) cheerfully ladling a spoonful of peas and counting his duckies in the bathtub (these are “yes yes’s”).  The first time I read this one to Rachel she gave me a very concerned look, eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed as if to say, “Mom…what are you trying to say??”

This little girl understands everything.

What’s on your bookshelf these days?