30 Before 30

by cecimadden

Inspired by this birthday list, I created a birthday list of my own.  Here is my “30 Before 30:”

  1. Start a blog
  2. Grow some vegetables
  3. Learn to bind books
  4. Sew something (maybe this?)
  5. Pay bills on time
  6. Write my breast feeding story
  7. Take one class on lactation or graphic design
  8. Write Rachel a letter every month
  9. Write Jim more often too
  10. Cook something delicious for someone else
  11. Host a party
  12. Make Rachel’s scrap book
  13. Upload photos instead of letting them sit on the memory card for months
  14. Learn to make rice pudding
  15. Do at least one thing that connects me to my heritage
  16. Bake more bread
  17. Be more patient
  18. Take more family photos (they don’t have to be cheesy with coordinated outfits but we do all have to be in the photo together)
  19. Learn a new way to style my hair
  20. Take better care of my skin
  21. Finally see a debt counselor
  22. Go for more walks
  23. Practice yoga
  24. Work on my posture
  25. Be more assertive at work and in life
  26. Aim to laugh at least once per day
  27. Believe in myself/stop feeling defeated
  28. Show my loved ones how appreciated they are (in kind words/deeds/small gifts)
  29. Find a new way to give back
  30. Document the completion of everything on this list
Stay tuned, folks.  Stay tuned…